Sunday, September 16, 2007

A white themed dinner party idea

Have you ever considered a white theme as your dinner party idea? Yes, we can just host the usual regular dinner party or we can try to make ours stand out in some way - and a theme often helps with this.

When you think back of dinner parties you have attended during your life.. which are the ones that stand out in your memory? Either the food has been sensational or something about the party was different.. like it had a theme.

By white dinner party you could try to focus on the colour white and asks guests to wear white clothing.

Serve your dinner on a white table cloth, cloth serviettes with white plates and white candles.. set some candles amidst white pebbles even? Or, have a lovely vase of white flowers as your table center piece.

Then all you need to do is think of white foods and this is where it is easy – for entrée a pasta Carbonara or an entrée using white goats cheese and thinly sliced figs lightly grilled (so they are warm) and served with rocket salad and a balsamic dressing. Maybe.. chicken or fish (both white meats) for main with rice or potato salad and for dessert a white chocolate mud cake or a white chocolate mousse.. and of course white wine. You needn’t worry about a little colour on the side – like a lovely colourful fresh salad to serve with your meal.

I’d suggest a white theme when the weather’s a bit warmer as opposed to a cold evening.. and of course loose white clothing goes well with an outdoor dinner party.

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas coming soon.

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