Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A formal dinner party idea?

Well, this is one of those obvious dinner party ideas but one I need to mention nonetheless. Formal dinner parties are fabulous but are they common? Not that I can see..

The word “formal” can be off-putting but it can also mean a lot of FUN– especially if you want to enjoy a different experience with close friends and share a fantasy that you’re somewhere like to the Ritz.. Escaping from reality can be a wonderful experience unless of course this is normal for you..

By “formal” I would suggest sending an elegant invitation implying your guests should come dressed in black tie/evening wear. You could use formal language on your invitation (see example below). Traditionally a formal invitation is black ink with centred text on white or ivory paper.

(Your name and your partner’s name if there’s two of you)
request the honour of your presence at a formal dinner party
at half after seven o'clock in the evening
(your address)
RSVP – (date)

I always believe that a successful dinner party is a well planned dinner party, so if you’re planning a formal dinner party plan well ahead.

By asking you dinner guests to come dressed up in their tuxes and gowns, you are setting an expectation that your dinner party will be a stylish event.

It’s always great to set the date well in advance and know what your guests can and can’t eat. Then the world is your oyster.. so to speak. Have a good think about your courses, the drinks you will serve, the way your table will be dressed and the accessories you will need – lovely white plates, crystal glasses, silver cutlery and serving utensils, an elegant better dish.. the list can go on depending how far you want to go.

Will you greet your guests in a separate space or will you usher people straight to your dining room? Will you serve them a cocktail as they arrive? What music will you play? Can you afford to hire say a harp player or cellist to perform as your guests arrive? If not, consider playing lovely classy music in the background if you want music. Think about your lighting – candelabras maybe? Set the scene and set the mood.

You’ll need to dress your table well – it doesn’t matter what shape your table is. What is more important is the way your table looks. A white table cloth is generally used for a formal dinner party but tonight you can make up your own rules if you’ve invited good friends. You could even place a small place card on which you have written each guest’s name. Place at each setting so people know where you want them to be seated. Also, consider a low decorative centre-piece for your table - allowing people to be able to easily see one-another without any intrusion.

Place your silverware in the order that you'll use it, with the knives and forks for the earlier courses resting to the outside of the utensils for the later courses.
The water glass and wine glass/glasses should be placed above the knife.

You know you could always hire someone to serve the meals for you if you can afford it – or event better, to come to your house and do it all for you! I’ll talk about this idea in a future post.

Your guests will want to spend time with you so make sure you are well enough prepared that you are not in the kitchen the whole time.

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And have a fantastic dinner party! Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

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