Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Book review dinner party idea

If you want a slightly different dinner party idea, consider gathering your book lover friends together for a dinner over which you can discuss and review a book.

You could suggest the book title that you will focus upon and guests can organize to buy the book or borrow it from the library. Allow a reasonable amount of time for the book to be read.

Alternatively, you could invite your guests to come and talk about the best book they have recently read – books that you might be inspired to read if you haven’t already.

If you do decide to all review and discuss the same book, you could include food that may have been mentioned during the book you're reflecting on – these extra little touches can make a difference because friends will notice that you have gone to the trouble.

You could literally take turns around the table to say your piece.

I’d try to pre-prepare most of the meal so that you can focus on your guests if you can but you may be a complete whiz in the kitchen and have everything under control. The focus tonight is more on the book review theme. The food is like a bonus! That's my opinion anyway.

You never know, if this idea works well on the night, you may be able to take turns with your friends and start a book club meeting – over dinner and drinks on a regular basis..

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

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