Friday, September 7, 2007

Dinner party ideas – how about a 70s theme?

I am trying to bring you regular dinner party ideas. I guess after yesterday’s fondue dinner party idea you could take it one step further and think about hosting a 70s dinner party. And you know what? You could just serve a fondue dinner and you'd be set in terms of the food. But there is much more to a themed dinner party then just the food. You need to think dress, drinks, music, decor, ambiance, movies playing as a possible background visual and the list could go on .. and on.

Think about your friends and those who love to dress up – because I know some people are just not into this sort of thing. If you get the right people along, the dinner party will be a huge hit. Think about the people who would enjoy doing something a little different from the ordinary..

But maybe you have some friends that you hear talking with excitement about fancy dress parties they may have been to. Take this one step further and make your dinner a dress up dinner party. Guests need to come dressed in their 70s gear! Flared pants, gold medallions, long boots – think Saturday Night Fever era.

Your menu could include a prawn cocktail, followed by chicken Kiev or the very popular 70s dish Quiche Lorraine, rounded off with Black Forest gateau or gammon and pineapple, duck a l'orange and sherry trifle.

For more menu ideas check out this website:

I love sharing my dinner party ideas – I hope they help you in some way!

You may want to consider wearing a t-shirt like this with some flared jeans as you greet your guests:

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

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