Friday, February 13, 2009

Sweet and sassy: A dinner party for the last days of winter

I like this woman - Emma Christensen - she says:

"Back in January when the year was still shiny and new, I made a resolution. Forget dieting. Forget jogging three mornings a week. This year, I was going to master the dinner party".

Emma continues:

"I’ve decided that the key to overcoming my dinner party anxieties is three-fold. First, I need to relax. After all, these are friends. Second, I need to plan dishes that are easily made ahead and don’t rely on precise timing. Third, I need a theme."

And themes are what you can find right here!
"A mid-winter menu foll o sass and sweetness starts with a honey citrus salad. The entree follows suite with short ribs braised in honey-cinnamon and served with polenta. The perfect end to this satisfying meal is coffee with miniature chocolate-dipped snikerdoodles."

Sounds good to me - even though I am in Australia and we are heading toward the end of Summer.. nevertheless, I recommend checking out Emma's article - I always love it when the recipes are included! • Sweet and sassy: A dinner party for the last days of winter

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