Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have You Organized Your Valentine's Day Dinner Party?

This article by Jan Burgess inspired me - see what you think..

"February, a month of hearts and flowers, brings Valentine's Day.

Red hearts can be part of your decorations, the shape of frosted cookies or the icing on a red-velvet cake. Flowers are for the special woman in your life, as well as beautiful in a centerpiece.It can be a time for romance or remembering.

It is a time when kids buy valentines for their classmates and hope for one in return from that special friend. It is a month when we are reminded of the importance of love.

It is also a time to have fun in the kitchen. Of course, there are the obvious ways we all know about. Restaurants have dinners by candlelight. Cookbooks are replete with fancy recipes of tasty things representing Valentine's Day, and stores carry everything from boxes of chocolates to those little candy hearts with messages of the season inscribed in tiny red letters."

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