Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reduce Your Dinner Costs - Paint Your Table And Eliminate Those Non-Essentials

I enjoyed this article by Brittny Goodsell Jones.. Shari Wells was shocked one day when she the total of someone's party had come to $600 so she has just published a cookbook about how to entertain while eliminating non-essential items.

"Eliminating non-essentials means the cook has more attention given to presentation. The best way to make a low-budget meal look fancy is to “paint the table,” she says. For example, using colorful, ironed tablecloths helps the table look fuller and more sophisticated. Wells also suggests rotating napkin colors, and to mix and match with tablecloths for a different look.

Intense colors help show off a table more dramatically. Wells came up with this idea of making the table “pop” after visiting a Van Gogh exhibit in California."

It's amazing how aesthetics can be so pleasing to the eye that they really can make a difference to the success of your dinner party - regardless of the cost of the menu items.

I have always loved the way the Japanese pay so much attention to the presentation of their food.. It makes eating a real joy..

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