Thursday, February 19, 2009

Oscars Dinner Party Idea

This event proves a fabulous opportunity to catch up with friends over dinner and then watch this not-to-be-missed annual event.

A night of glitz and glamor - maybe you could all dress to suit the occasion?

Start the night by allowing guests to  make their vote - who will win?

A great article by Kristy X-Y follows:

A snippet of an article by Kristy X-Y follows about how her Oscar party turned into an all-day affair and how it became an even for the whole family!:

"There is always so much hype over the clothes worn and people that attend, the Movies themselves get less press! That is what got us to start our Academy Awards: and the Oscar went to... all day bash many years ago.

What is the Academy Awards, and the Oscar went to... all day bash? Well, basically it is an all day Oscar winning movie marathon with a lot of food, fun and drinks thrown in. Now in college, there was a lot more drinks involved than after we started having kids and it morphed into a family event! It really is a lot of fun for everyone."

Seattle Parenting Examiner: Hold an Academy Awards: and the Oscar went to... all day party bash
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This is just wrong said...

I think it is unfair to post all of a person's article - you should only put a small part in and a link to the OP article. I find it absurd you copyright THIS article which you have no right to at all - you didn't write it!

Randa said...

I am sorry if I have upset anyone. I say straight up it is her article and I have a link the source at the bottom of the post. I will chnage this so there is only a snippet. I make no money from this blog other than a few cents from google adverts and i am only trying to alert people to the great news artciles out there about dinner party ideas.