Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dinner Party + Flair = Memorable!

On the theme of dinner party ideas with an al fresco flavor, I thought I'd share this recollection of a dinner party at the home of Monet. It is a grab from an article on the Visayan Daily Star.

I talked about leaving an impression in my last post and look, this story is being recounted years later.

"It was the perfect evening for an al fresco dinner party. As we drove up to the elegant home of Monet and Yoly Kilayko, the picturesque fountain in the courtyard made us feel like we were transported to a villa in Italy. Our genial hosts welcomed us with such warmth that we felt right at home as we made our way to the poolside where the tables were set for the guests. Our media group enjoyed the excellent red wine and nibbled on the pica-pica, while Monet told us about a big event that was coming to Bacolod next month."

Here's the article if you'd like to read the whole thing:

Would love to hear any comments and please share your dinner party ideas.


By the way, I highly suggest a recipe book like this if you want to keep things real simple for some of your dinner parties. Sometimes it is so off-putting when you see how many ingredients are needed to prepare just one meal:

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