Friday, August 24, 2007

The Al Fresco Dinner party

I'm always on the look out for dinner party ideas.

Joey Stewart loves to throw dinner parties in the garden of her Calgary home. Joey's garden features a rock garden, a cascading waterfall and lots of rose petals line the walk.

Her garden is filled with the scent of the flowers that are in full bloom.

So of course, why not take advantage of the good weather and have your dinner party outdoors? It's a lovely story about what you can do when you have a great yard. But even if you've got the regular variety of garden, you can still create and amazing and memorable dinner party for your guests - a dinner party that people reminisce about in years to come..

I really liked some of the tips at the end of this article when Horticulturist, Kathy Smyth, reminds us that we should create an environment you, yourself would love to be in.

I really like some of Kathy's theme ideas - such as Sangria Sunday, a seafood soiree or a beach barbecue with you setting the scene with decor to give that vibe. Kathy also includes tips about "keeping it natural", using your flowers as the table centrepiece and even suggests it's OK to ask your friends to bring a plate.

One of my favorite quotes is "One perk of throwing a garden party is you don't have to dust or vacuum before guests arrive. This will give you more time to prep the meal and yard." Sounds too good.

The theme, dinner party ideas really excites me and I really do hope to bring you lots of great ideas. Here is a link to the article:

Speak soon


By the way, I highly suggest a recipe book like this if you want to keep things real simple for some of your dinner parties. Sometimes it is so off-putting when you see how many ingredients are needed to prepare just one meal:

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