Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dinner party ideas - dinner in the sky..

OK, this is not the best dinner party idea to have at home - unless you can afford to hire a crane that holds the entire structure aloft, 150 feet above the ground. Apparently ranked among the world's Top 10 most unusual restaurants by Forbes magazine, "Dinner in the Sky" is coming soon to a town near you, or so its owners hope." Nevertheless, I do want to bring you the best of ideas - including the most bizarre and unusual..

For instance, my partner and I had one of our best culinary experiences in a restaurant called The Dark Side - there was not a skerrick of light in the dining room. Initially, we were ushered into a bar/foyer where we picked our menu options then the waiter came with night vision glasses on to escort us to our table.. it was pitch black.. initially I could feel my anxiety levels rise but then I relaxed into the experience. I smelt the food as it was being delivered.. the aromas filled our senses. I smelt spices and could identify certain smells that I would never have before even noticed..

Then you had to try to get the food onto your fork. This alone proved more fun than frustrating. The food was sensational - I enjoyed it immensely - the textures and the flavors were amazing. The experience brought home the fact that I had usually taken this experience for granted - even though I may have enjoyed a flavour it wasn't to this extreme.

So my point here is why not consider doing something different for your next dinner party. Here's an excerpt from the linked article about Dinner In The Sky..

"This "floating restaurant" is some way away from, well, anywhere -- 150 feet off the ground to be exact.

And there are no doors or windows, or even a floor -- just a 6.6-ton table piled high with food and champagne, with 22 chairs to seat patrons, while a crane holds the entire structure aloft, 150 feet above the ground."

Read more about the amazing Dinner in the Sky idea - the brainchild of David Ghysels and Stefan Kerkhofs. The journalist recounts their experience in Belgium.

Read the whole ABC News article at :

And stay tuned for more ideas. You may also like to share your most unusual experiences also for the enjoyment of our readers?


Oh yes, I highly suggest a recipe book like this if you want to keep things real simple for some of your dinner parties. Sometimes it is so off-putting when you see how many ingredients are needed to prepare just one meal:

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