Friday, August 31, 2007

Dinner boredom? Dinner party ideas for the family!

I am on a constant search for the best in dinner party ideas. You don't need to rely on friends to have a formal dinner party - why not consider doing something special with your family?

This is an article from the Dallas Morning News. Alicia Ross with Beverly Mills offer some great tips about avoiding boredom at our family dinners. Don't you just hate this..

"Maybe it's the rolling eyes when you announce the dinner menu. Or maybe it's all the food left on the plate. Here's our favorite: After we've slaved in the kitchen, they say, "I'll just fix myself a PB&J."

Here are some of their tips:

Write your menu on the family calendar. Not only can you prepare for what you cook, but you can remember what you cooked last week.

Enlist everyone's help. Let each person take charge of planning the family menu one night a week. (This is a great way to involve everyone in the preparation and cleanup, too.)

Be intentional about leftovers. Plan for lunches or dinners later in the week to make use of the extra food. Try adding something special to the leftovers to change them up a bit

Pledge to try one or two new recipes every couple of weeks. This way you can work new favorites into the mix.

In fact, when you try out your new recipe each fortnight, why not consider my idea of throwing that dinner party just for the family? A night when you can spend some time preparing the meal together - or each of (individually or in pairs, threes, etc) prepare a different course. You could even dress up or base it around a theme.. What a great family experience you can share together.. make it fun.. have a theme..

Check out the whole article at:

I'll soon bring you some more dinner party ideas!


Oh yes, and a recipe book likes this really helps to keep things simple:

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