Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why you should share your best dinner party idea

If you are looking at this right now, chances are you love a great dinner party and what's more, you've got your own interesting dinner party ideas.

I'm always astounded when I see where in the world my visitors come from - you come from everywhere.. today I had visitors from Mozambique to Milan to Malaysia to Melbourne to Memphis! And that's just the places that begin with M..

No matter where we live we have something in common. We love good food in good company thanks to dinner parties.

I've been trying to give some of my own dinner party idea but if you are like me, you are also happy to share your ideas. Why not help someone else in the world astound their friends by doing something amazing that they may have never thought of and vice versa.

Rather than just leave a comment, I want to add your idea to a whole page post. I will include your name and where you live along with your dinner party idea. When the Google spiders have done the rounds, just search your name in Google and your name will be in lights.. well, maybe not lights but you'll get the credit.

I see from the searches people perform that Italian dinner party ideas are really sought after. Do you have one to share or any other dinner party ideas that others may enjoy hosting?

Please send me any of your ideas to

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas in the meantime.

In the meantime, have you seen these table conversation starters?

The Hostess with the Mostess

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Meryl said...

Hi Randa,

What a great idea for a blog! :-) I love having people to dinner--and I'm looking forward to getting some great ideas...