Monday, October 1, 2007

How to throw the best dinner party ever!

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It's not hard to throw a great dinner party. It doesn't even have to be time consuming nor do you need to slave over the stove for hours. But when you do throw a great dinner party not only do your guests leave feeling on a high but you feel great about yourself - you feel a sense of achievement!

The main secret to throwing a great dinner party instead of just the regular variety is to put thought into your dinner party and to be well prepared.

Who will you invite? Will all the guests get along? Where is the best place to host the dinner - at your house in your dining room? In your back garden? Or even in your front garden? The ideas are endless and again, you have to be prepared. Like if you have the party outdoors then consider that the weather might become a nightmare.

When you invite people, check to see what foods they don't like or can't tolerate.

Ask with enough notice so that you have plenty of time to prepare your menu. Make sure you have the plates, cutlery and glasses you need - it's nice if they match but then to have each person using something different also adds intrigue.

Consider a theme that you might use - food from a particular country, a colour or even a type of food - like a mango dinner party. You have lots of room to be creative.

Think about whether you can set the atmosphere - candles, music, colour, cushions, anything that fits with your theme and creates a great environment.

When people arrive will you offer them a cocktail or a pre-dinner drink of some sort? Will you have a plate of finger food that people can nibble on till the food is served.

To throw a three course dinner party really sends the message that you have gone to a lot of trouble. Consider a menu that can be prepared days ahead and do a little each day if you don't want to spend all day cooking. Or you know what? You can even cheat - pre buy an entree and/or dessert and take some pressure off.

Buy wine to match the food. Yes, people will usually bring a bottle but be prepared in case the bring a red and you are eating white meat or they've brought a white wine and you've cooked red meat. You can ask the liquor supplier for advice about the type of grape that will go with the particular dish you are making. And serving a dessert wine with your dessert or cheese platter always impresses.

Make sure there is plenty of still or sparkling water so people can be sensible with their drinking - especially if someone has driven.

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

In the meantime, you might want to check out this coffee - at the end of the evening it's great to offer people decaffeinated so they don't stay awake all night:

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