Monday, October 8, 2007

Repeat your dinner party idea

If you have a number of regulars you invite around for dinner consider this dinner party idea - repeat your menu.

OK, you serve a great three course meal and your guests are very impressed. Why not serve the very same meal to your next group of guests? If you've been experimenting with new recipes, the next time you prepare the meal will be easier and then again, easier after that. And quicker. You know what you've got to buy, you know how long each course takes and you'll have seen and tasted the end result.

This has worked well for me personally because I don't have to spend hours trying to come up with a sensational menu - I know my whole meal was great from the hors de vours to the dessert!

I always like trying new dinner party ideas and this helped during one of my peak dinner party periods!

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

In the meantime, you might want to check out this record keeping book with numbered pages. List you guests at the index and then you can keep write page numbers next to their name as you invite them to dinner.

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Dinner Party Ideas said...

I suggest using the Thursday's - A Dinner Party Must - Tracking if you go ahead with this suggestion.