Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dessert Dinner Party Idea

Having the sweet tooth that I do, this article caught my eye!

Danielle E Brown has come with a great idea for people wanting to throw a large dinner party without the massive expense.. just cut out the other courses and go straight to dessert..

"Invite people to your house as you would for a formal dinner party.  Don't scrimp on elegance!  Send paper invitations or classy e-vites and impose a dress code; cocktail attire would be fun and appropriate in this instance.  In a tough economy, people are trying to cut back, so cut back on your budget -- but not the fun -- by substituting a dessert party in place of a dinner party."

And instead of regular wine, your friends can bring over dessert wine..

And instead of your guests bringing some containers to take any yummy leftovers, maybe have some handy yourself?


Sweet Sunday: Throw a dessert party
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Drew Watts said...

I honestly liked your post as I have to organize a family dinner party at one of LA venues. Was looking for some inexpensive ways to arrange it and got help from your idea of straight to dessert. Will go by this idea and definitely everyone will like it.