Friday, July 24, 2009

How to host the perfect dinner party on a budget

I like the sound of the following statement because it is just so true..dinner parties are just such a great way to catch up with friends.

"Feeding 6 sounds expensive but cook Annabelle White says it doesn't need to be - and is a great way to get goodwill and good fun flowing through your social life."

You can take your time without feeling pressured to leave a restaurant to make room for the next sitting..

"Annabelle White doesn't do boring dinner parties, right from the start they’re interesting. She says “I find having a large knife and greeting my guests at the door instills a certain frisson of fear - now fear tends to liven up the mood.”

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chicago_blogger said...
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chicago_blogger said...

Miss Emily Post includes the following on her list of what makes a good dinner party (paraphrasing slightly):

- People who are congenial to one another. This is of first importance.
- A suitable menu perfectly prepared and dished. (Hot food to be hot, and cold, cold.)
- Expert service
- Space adequate in size to number of guests and inviting in arrangement.
- A hostess of charm. Charm says everything—tact, sympathy, poise and perfect manners—always.

None of this need be expensive! (well, unless you are paying the help!)

More quaint advice is at The Vintage Dinner Party

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