Friday, August 28, 2009

Have a good time at your own party

I found this article which has some really useful tips - like make sure you have at your own dinner party too.. we are often so busy ensuring all are guests are well looked after that we out ourselves last.. But, with a bit of pre-planning you can make things easier for yourself so as to relax more and mingle..

"For a dinner party that's as much fun for you as the guests, start with a comfortable outfit that makes you feel great, plan a simple menu that can be prepped in advance and keep the conversational ball rolling."

I tend to often go with their semi-home made approach - that is, I often don't make every course from scratch.. I may buy a classy looking entree or dessert.

Anyway, have a look and see what you think..
Have a good time at your own party | Detroit Free Press |
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