Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A dinner party on ice

What an amazing dinner party .. or art installation this was:

"YOU'VE heard of a quiet dinner, but this is ridiculous.

Water officials were left "baffled" yesterday after a dinner table with a bottle of wine and two glasses were spotted – in the middle of a frozen lake.

The bizarre restaurant-style scene was discovered by stunned ramblers in the centre of Crowdy Reservoir on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.A small dining table, covered with a tablecloth and a bottle of red wine and two glasses, had been placed on the frozen surface.

Officials from South West Water have issued a warning over the scene saying whoever set it up risked their lives crossing the unstable ice.

Eyewitness Jack Brady, 70, took several photographs and said it looked like "something off the Mary Celeste".He added: "It was totally bizarre. I always walk around the lake and I could see something out in the middle of the ice."I got a closer look and it was a table and full service. There was even a bottle of wine and glasses.

"I have no idea who set it up or whether they stayed and had their dinner or not. There was nobody about. It was like the Mary Celeste."After the incident, at Davidstow near Camelford in Cornwall, South West Water warned people not to walk on frozen reservoirs.

A spokesman said: "A table and chairs was set up near the centre of Crowdy Reservoir. It is impossible to tell how thick the ice really is."Anyone going out on the ice is clearly running the risk of serious injury and even death.

"Meanwhile, Devon and Cornwall Police reiterated warnings that people walking on frozen rivers and canals were risking their lives.The force responded after people were reported to be walking on the frozen canal at Bude, North Cornwall. It said the freeze was now starting to thaw out and it was "only a matter of time" before lives were put at risk.
A dinner party on ice

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