Friday, January 23, 2009

Barack and Michelle Obama: the night of the 10 inauguration balls - Telegraph

A bit self indulgent here but what the heck since it's an amazing (and about time) point in our history here on this planet! Here's the dinner party story by Becky Pugh :

"On Tuesday evening, euphoric after spending the day becoming the First Couple of the United States of America, Barack and Michelle Obama quick-stepped their way through 10 inaugural balls. Yes, that is 10 parties in one night. And, in welcome contrast to the early-to-bed and alcohol-free George W Bush, they appeared to enjoy every minute. How on earth did they manage it, you might ask. How did they keep their grins genuine and the blood flowing in their feet?

""Well, I don't think it's such a tough proposition. In fact, I think it's an appealing one. Admittedly, I've never notched up 10 in a night – I think five is my personal best, comprising two pre-dinner drinks parties, a dinner party, and two all-nighters after that – but I can imagine how it might be. You'd be blissfully non-committal at each of them, knowing you weren't there for the long haul. And you'd behave accordingly. Forced to be strict with yourself, you'd home in on the people you most wanted to talk to, and have brief but valuable conversations with them. You would get away without exchanging a single word with the bores and saddos with whom you usually feel obliged to engage on grounds of compassion.

The thought of the delights that lay ahead would be your fuel. Every time you began to feel jaded, you'd be on the hop again. Each party would bring with it new faces, new music, new canapés, new cocktails. Best of all, you'd be a longed for breath of fresh air at every one. Just as your fellow guests were running out of topics and tiring of the relentless jazz quartet, you'd make your entrance – a bright young thing, clearly so much in demand that you have time only to dip a toe into this particular gathering. Then you'd scintillate the revellers with stories you'd picked up at the previous party, before waltzing on to the next.

The travel between the soirées would be the one major snag for mortals like us. You would, in every likelihood, lose valuable time to signal failure on the Piccadilly line or never-ending roadworks. But, of course, that wasn't a consideration for the Obamas – they had their trusty motorcade to get them everywhere before the shiny presidential limo turned back into a pumpkin."

Barack and Michelle Obama: the night of the 10 inauguration bahells - Telegraph

Yay to Barack and Michelle!

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