Thursday, October 9, 2008

Potluck Dinner Party Idea

Yes, life may be tight in these tough economic times but as this article by says.. there's no need to give up dining with your friends..

"Kurtis Lutz, 33, has a better idea. Driven by the high cost of food as much as the desire for intimacy, Lutz invites friends to his home for potluck dinners. Not only is it easier and less expensive than going out, these get-togethers provide a chance for people to build personal relationships through the leisurely pleasures of conversation and good food."

"In most cases, Lutz and Maquez say, the person who is hosting the dinner provides the entree that is usually meat or a casserole. Guests bring side dishes or pick up wine. Maquez usually picks a theme and gives everybody an assignment of what to bring."

I'd suggest checking out the article (see link) for the full story..

Watch Your Budget With Potluck Dinner Parties -- South Florida

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