Thursday, October 23, 2008

For a memorable evening, give your guests something to talk about

I like this article by Corinna Van Gerwen (Metro) where she interviews Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley, co-founders of culture club The Society. The topic is to understand how to get and keep guests talking long after the night is through via  few easy tips. They are to:

• "Play games. “It sounds cheesy, but games can be really interesting at a dinner party,” says Amanda. Try a set of boxed questions like Gravitas or TableTopics.

• Throw a costume party (any time of year). “Costumes give people something to talk about,” says Dempster. “And it brings people out of their shells.”

• Include a news article in the invitation and instruct guests to read the piece. “If the article is about something really interesting ... it could help get a good conversation flowing,” says Blakley.

• Sing karaoke. “As much as people say they don’t like it, after a good dinner party, there’s nothing that takes it to another level like karaoke — it’s always a big hit,” says Dempster.

• Have each guest bring a different wine. Then get each person to tell a story about a memory or experience linked to their particular choice."
Metro - For a memorable evening, give your guests something to talk about

These sound like great dinner party ideas to me!

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Vezo - Murder Mystery Dinner Party said...

Some nice ideas, thanks. Also a Murder Mystery Dinner Party would be great way to make a memorable evening?