Monday, October 6, 2008

Which three literary or historical figures would you invite to your dinner party?

An interesting question to ponder don't you think? I'd love to hear your responses?

And if you're interested in politics, you may be interested to read this story which asked Canadians which political party leader they'd most like to invite home for dinner. It was a in the Journal de MontrĂ©al. But between the choices they had  "the winner of the poll was the last choice - "none of them" - selected by over 40 per cent. Most people preferred eating alone with their microwave to sitting at a dinner table with any of our leaders." Sad, don't you think?

And I suspect this would be similar around the world in other polls.. I don't find out local politicians the most exciting bunch..

Years ago we held a dinner party at our house with acquaintances we had met on vacation and it coincided with our national election. And you guessed it - we had very different political views. We went for one political party while our guests went for the other. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable but we made light of it and had a reasonable sort of night. That night the Dinner Party was the successful! party

Have a look for yourself at this story for yourself..

It would have been a better debate around my dinner table

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