Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Wok Dinner Party Idea

"You've heard of fondue, raclette and panini parties, but what about a wok party?"

A new concept that this article suggests.. could be fun..where you're not just seated at the table but you're a little more mobile..

"Picture it: Your guests are gathered around your kitchen island, chardonnay glasses in hand, as you toss shredded beef and broccoli spears into a hissing stove-top wok. Long-handled chahn in hand, you mix the ingredients with a showman's skill, regaling them with tales from your weekly Cantonese cooking class or recent trip to Guangzhou."

What do you think?

For your next dinner party, wok on the wild side - The Globe and Mail
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Sue said...
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Sue Mattson said...

Having a wok party is a splendid idea! I have been planning a dinner party for about 30 people for my brother who recently graduated from university. I'm thinking of accommodating them in our backyard under a canopy tent, at the same time, let them enjoy the lovely evening. For the past days, I have been contacting several San Diego tent rental companies and Los Angeles tent rental companies for the best price.

Serving Chinese food with a little bit of showmanship will complement the setting of the evening. So, thanks! You gave me an idea for a great dinner party!

Romantisch Hotel Brugge said...

Wow Fantastic your idea for dinner i like your thought ....

Bed and Breakfast Brugge said...

Cool Sharing for Dinner. perfect recipes for dinner party . good job

Pink Lotus said...

nice idea for dinner party. good planning

sachin bani said...

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