Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Underground Supper Clubs

This underground dinner party in a Missouri hunting lodge sounded fabulous!
In fact, the whole concept of these dinner/supper parties is wonderful.

The dinner guests on this occasion had no idea about where they were going or what to expect but they did know that a sumptuous five course meal was being served somewhere along the way.

They'd received a top-secret email invite from "by John-Jack, an undercover chef who'd invited each of them to the latest of what he calls his "Entre" dinner parties.

It's all about eating fabulous food in the most unlikely places...

"The trend started in food-centric cities like San Francisco, but in the last year, groups have been popping up across the country," says Jenn Garbee, author of "Secret Suppers," which spotlights some of the more than 80 clubs now up and running in the U.S."

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Underground supper clubs a delicious discovery -
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