Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinner Party Etiquette - Hosts, Be Prepared

I loved this article because as they say, the worst nightmare for any dinner party host is a surprise - something that we just didn't plan for and can ruin that special dinner party that you'd spent so long planning.

Matthew Pearson from the Ottawa Citizen has interviewed three of Canad's top etiquette experts to deliver some fabulous  tips to "handling -- and perhaps avoiding -- these sticky situations."

They give advice on:
- a guest informing you on arrival that they have certain food allergies.
- you've cooked just enough for a set number of people and one of the guests takes their share.. and someone else's!
- friends arrive to an adults only dinner party with their kids.
- you're hosting potluck and the person who promised to bring the main meal doesn't show!
- You and your spouse don't drink - are you obligated to serve your guests alcohol?
- You have a specified time for your dinner party. Three couples show up on time and the fourth couple show up an hour late..

Thinks about what you'd do before you check out the answers in the article link below.

And don't forget that a dinner party should be on enjoying time with your guests - all three experts agree on that fact for sure!

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