Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The first Ontario farmers’ dinner party

If you love dinner parties as much as I do you will enjoy reading this story about the first Ontario farmers’ dinner party at the at the Paul family farm as published in Toronto Life..

"There is something special about cooking food for the people who raise and grow the ingredients. This was a five-course meal cooked on the wood-burning stove with everybody sitting around the kitchen table."

"Nights like Sunday strengthen and inspire me. I get fired up to open Union so that I can bring nights like that into the city—nights with the simple beauty of good, clean food, all of it cooked with the belief that it can bring people together on snowy nights, warm them up, and allow them to be who they are. Great things can come out of nights like that. When everybody had left, the bottle of scotch Frank had brought was sitting on the table half-empty. Chase walked by, picked it up and said, “That’s a sign of a good night.” Damn straight."

Read the whole story here..
Toronto Life: Opening Soon: The first Ontario farmers’ dinner party

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