Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Undergournd Dinner Party - Exploring Secret Culinary Terrain

Hear of an underground dinner party near you? In fact, have you heard of the term in the first place. This article takes you on a journey of exploration..

"The legality and definition of an "underground restaurant" varies state to state and house to house. Garbee defines the term in part by saying what it is not:

"It's not a standard dinner party with a few unknown faces around the table; it's not a group of friends and acquaintances who split the cost of dinners at rotating homes (otherwise known as a classic supper club); it's not a brick-and-mortar, fully licensed restaurant (which is not to say all undergrounds are illegal; catering licenses can come in handy)."

"Underground restaurants are a relatively new element in the restaurant world, and their specifics are fleeting and unstable by nature."

Am interesting read really..
On Food: Exploring secret culinary terrain

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