Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top 10 Ultimate Dinner Party Faux-pas.

Great tips to avoid this dinner party faux-pas..

"Dinner party etiquette can be a minefield of trip-ups, and with the Christmas party season fast approaching many will be planning intimate dinner parties, albeit with dread creeping in case they don’t pull it off.Damian Clarkson Manager Director of A-list cater Red Snapper Events divulges his top 10 dinner party faux-pas.

1. Time management – be as prepared as possible; do as many of the kitchen preparations before hand, leaving you free to socialise.

2. Dietary requirements – you must try to cater for any dietary requirements, ask guests before hand, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

3. Airing your laundry in public – Make sure the house is tidy with all washing etc put away. No one wants to look at your underwear drying whilst they eat dinner.

4. Unexpected guests – finalise your guest list. Ensure you know exactly how many people are coming; having an empty seat is just as bad as squeezing in one extra.

5. Hitting the bottle – being drunk is never glamorous but a drunken host is sinful, especially when it leads to serving burnt food. Don’t be tempted by a tipple before people arrive.

6. Mystery diners – ensure that you introduce people. Everyone around the table should know who they are dining with.

7. Nipping to the shop – make sure you have food and wine to last the evening, nothing is worse than leaving your own party and no guest should go home hungry or be searching for a drink.

8. Chained to the kitchen – although it’s important to make sure the food is delectable it is just as important to spend time with your guests. So don’t spend the majority of your time back of house.

9. Let me entertain you – dinner party entertainers such as magicians are very old hat and just plain tacky. Spend the money on some extra bubbles to ignite conversation.

10. Shutting the door – Don’t rush your guests out the door at the end of the night. Even if you are exhausted, be a welcoming host to the very last guest leaves."
Top 10 Ultimate Dinner Party Faux-pas.

Great tips Damian - thanks!

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