Monday, August 25, 2008

An underground dinner party - with strangers

Today's dinner party news is about an underground supper club for foodies. I've copied a good segment of the story here.. to read the rest just click into the link. This sounds great to me..

An underground dinner party held at a Toronto loft, hosted by a professional chef. The gourmet menu of a restaurant, in the intimate setting of a home.It sounded intriguing, so she and her boyfriend signed up. They were contacted by e-mail, and only then were they given an address and buzz code.Armed with their own wine, they arrived one Sunday night. The loft had a chic, clean-cut atmosphere, the decor almost entirely black, brown or white.

In the main room sat a long, custom-made dinner table with seating for eight. Music played through large speakers. Intricate place settings had been laid out under the summer sunset that came in through west-facing windows.

It could have been the back room of a lounge, but it was a private home - and an underground supper club.

"I think it's a brilliant idea," said Ms. Millar, 22, a waitress. "It's unlike any other place that's around here."

The couple sat with six strangers while hosts Gillian Young, 21, and Durant Ellis, 28, who live in the loft, served a Jamaican-themed meal, including homemade cornbread and couscous, a spicy beef skewer with wasabi mayo sauce and oxtail stew served on sushi rice and nori. For dessert, there were two types of panacotta, each served in a shot glass.

Hidden Lounge is the pet project of Mr. Ellis, a chef, and Ms. Young, a bartender - an underground supper club for foodies who want an innovative gourmet meal, good wine and fresh conversation." An underground dinner party - with strangers

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

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