Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite Summer Recipes

Today's dinner party idea is to acquaint yourself with new and exciting recipes.

I found this video on youtube called The Summer Cooking Guru Challenge. The beauty of this is that people are quite happy to share their absolute favorite dishes and recipes.. So far, there are 83 video responses and almost 400 comments.

For instance, just 8 minutes ago, junkie4vids posted their favorite:

"My summer recipe is Mahi Mahi Wraps. Grill 4 6-oz. mahi fillets, brushed with extra virgin oil and lemon, for 5 minutes until flaky. Combine 1 cup yogurt and juices of two limes. Add yogurt sauce, shredded carrots, chopped avocado, cucumber and tomatoes wiht mahi mahi chunks and serve in about 8 large Boston lettuce leaves. Yum."

If you couldn't see the resposnes on the video link - try this link

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

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