Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Community Press - Levee brings back Progressive Dinner Party

What a great dinner party idea - and perfect for a charity fund raiser.

"The event showcases the Levee's dining options and allows guests to receive an appetizer at one restaurant, an entree at another and dessert at a third."

Imagine getting three nearby restaurants involved and working out an amount where you factored in an amount on top of the restaurant's fee to go toward the charity? Sounds like fun!
Community Press - Levee brings back Progressive Dinner Party

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Jay said...

Progressive dinner party is once a year occassion we organize with our friends. We all live in walking distance. We have done New Years progressive dinner and it was great as nobody had to drive and walk between the houses was great fun.

However, due to bother with winter attire, Summer progressive dinners seems to be more popular.

It is much easier on hosts to prepare outstanding gourmet dishes when they do only one course. It is VERY long dinner, have to start early and it needs pre-selected organizer to tell the crowd to move on.

First house: appetizers
Second house: soup, salad
Third house with participating fourth house: main course
Fifth and sixth house: desserts,cheeses,fruit

Appropriate drinks/alcohol is served with all courses, including soup and salad.

There are usually one or two couples who don't live in walking distance and they participate by taking responsibility for cheeses, fruit, alcohol etc.

It is good idea for those who due to size of the house cannot have 12friends at the same time for dinner. They can serve cocktails and appetizers or prepare dessert table. Those with large dining rooms can accommodate friends for sit down courses.