Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let the party begin

Yay - an article from my hometown of Sydney..

No matter what others may say.. I feel the dinner party is back and I have said this several times in my blog here..

Joel Sharpe, a former chef  agrees - he says "back in the '70s there were a lot of dinner parties … then in the '80s and '90s people moved away from that into restaurants. They had money and wanted to spend it, so they would prefer to eat out. But in the past five years I've noticed that trend totally reversing. People are wanting to have those private things at home and have their friends around."

People can express through food and their whole dinner party experience they way they feel about they guests.. is there anything as great as a successful dinner party when you know everyone has had a sensational night?

I have been watching "My Kitchen Rules" where contestants host a dinner party in their home and try to provide the perfect experience. I've really enjoyed it.. If dinner parties weren't so popular shows like this would be as popular as they are..

Let the party begin
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