Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to cook with port - Times Online

"Don't leave the port until the end - Mark Frary makes the most of it at a dinner-party cookery course at Brook Hall, in Bucks"

This course sounds terrific - and I love the statement - don't leave port until the end"which is what we would normally do.. Think outside the box and cook outside the box.. and the cooking tips from an expert don't go astray!

"Cockburn’s Dinner Party Cookery Course is a mixture of demonstration and hands-on practical elements and the idea is to learn to prepare a seasonal dinner party menu with dishes made from or for serving with various types of port (hence the Cockburn’s connection). It is one of a number of different courses Brook Hall runs."

If only I didn't live in Sydney! No, I actually love living in Sydney but when I see what is on offer in other parts of the world I wish I could be here, there and everywhere.. like the New York underground supper clubs for instance..

But back to cooking with port - check out the menu that Stephen Bulmer prepares by clicking into the article link.. sounds delish!

How to cook with port - Times Online
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