Monday, January 21, 2008

If you are time poor why not buy a course or the whole meal to serve at a dinner party?

We need to cover off as many dinner party ideas as possible and I have been to dinner over the years where a friend has made no secret of the fact that they bought the dinner from a restaurant prior to us coming over.

This makes a lot of sense when you are busy but want to serve a delicious three course meal. Chances are you have a favorite restaurant and probably favorite dishes there.

Why not share this food with your friends? It's just like shouting your friends for a meal but instead of enjoying one-another's company in a busy restaurant, why not take the dining experience to your home?

You can really relax - set up the table beautifully and just re-heat the meals if they need to be served hot. Remember that the meal has already been cooked so it just needs to be reheated - not over-cooked.

You may even want to pre-buy just one course if the dish is time-consuming to make but would match your menu perfectly.

Anyway, just another dinner party idea for you to consider.

Stay tuned for more dinner party ideas soon.

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